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Our experts are committed to your health and dental image with the highest international technology material and equipment. Thanks to technology we provide an aesthetic harmony in every smile and solving any oral problem.

Now it is a reality to be able to return to the patient a function and a natural aesthetic of their teeth.

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Smile Design

Smile design is performed using a computer-assisted presentation of your future teeth, based on your photographs and models of existing teeth. Team of professionals includes a restorative dentist and a dental technician, if necessary also a periodontist and an implantologist. The patient is involved in this process from the beginning, from expressing his or her desire to analysis of the proposed solution.

Smile design is prepared according to photographs and models, and the planned design can sometimes be transferred to the patient’s teeth very realistically by means of provisional prosthetic work. This method includes a complete visualization of the process, where the patient is allowed to assess whether he is satisfied with the shape, size and colour of his future teeth.